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About Us

TC Common Sense is a group of northern Michigan voters who believe in this nation and are loyal to Constitutional values and the self-evident truths they embrace. We're here because those values are under assault, and we're not going to let that happen. Not without a fight. We've joined forces to do our part in reclaiming this country from recklessness in government, in everything from foreign policy and environmental protection to education and federal spending. We feel that action, now, is our responsibility, as citizens and parents. Where to start? Well, there's no place like home.

We began in a living room on a snowy November night in downtown Traverse City. We're part of the Traverse City's liberal and progressive majority, a group of parents, professionals and business owners -- everyone from farmers, artists and stay-at-home moms to writers, daycare providers and teachers -- who found solace in one another's company after the 2004 election. We also discovered strength together. And we grew, by word of mouth, with membership now encompassing the entire Grand Traverse region.

We're here to celebrate the fact that Traverse City is a Democratic oasis and Michigan itself is a true-blue state. We're here because we believe in our nation and our communities. We're here to commit and encourage everyday actions that help preserve American Constitutional values. Please join us as we do our part in reclaiming this nation and restoring common sense to government.


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