These groups are working effectively to bring about change for the better of all.

Fresh Food Partnership
You hear how you should eat fresh fruits and vegetables to stay healthy, but it’s so EXPENSIVE. Here’s a group that’s committed to delivering fresh, locally grown food to people who are really tight on money. A wonderful cause.

Neahtawanta Center
This group sponsors a fantastic website, which it describes as a gathering and community of kindred spirits. Check it out.

Fear No Arts
This site is dedicated to supporting independent media and activisim in the Traverse Bay Area.

Northern Michigan Planned Parenthood
As the director of this group says, this organization is about PLANNED Parenthood (the radical right has successfully equated the group with abortion—in fact, their work in prevention has done quite the opposite). In these times, they could really use your support.

Mideast Just Peace
This group has raised the awareness of the plight of the Palestinians. This website is packed with thought-provoking links.

A group committed to helping people tread lightly on the Earth has a lot of good stuff on its website, from straw-bale construction to CSAs (community supported agriculture).

Radio anyway
A hip, new community radio show from the Grand Traverse Region on WNMC.

Bay Bucks
Encourages the production and exchange of locally owned and produced products in the Grand Traverse Region.

American Civil Liberties Union – Northwestern Branch
Here’s where to go if you have a complaint about racial profiling or you feel your civil rights or liberties have been violated. Also, this is where to join and, of course, give money.


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