Oct 09, 2005 - Bush says again he will veto Senate's "anti-torture" addenda. So Bush approves of torture?

Sep 29, 2005 - Tom DeLay, republican leader of the House is INDICTED on felony criminal conspiracy charges: no more golfing in Scotland and dining at Four Seasons in London for awhile?

Sep 28, 2005 - See what happens when an Implacable Hurricane and an Immovable People throw a Party for themselves, in a city BELOW sea level

Sep 27, 2005 - Plain talk by President Chavez of Venezuela on the Bush presidency: could reading the Truth make one weep?

Sep 18, 2005 - Bush now mocked even by 3rd world leaders: cheap oil for America's millions of poor people offered by Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan President

Sep 15, 2005 - Read this exegisis of the right-wing government's "Mein Kampf" here. The plan invoking the use of military might to enforce an "American Century" worldw

Sep 12, 2005 - Here is Bill Moyers again, one of America's far-too-few stand-up writers, with another clear, well-reasoned, well-documented, exegesis of the extreme fundamentalists now influencing the country with radical, w

Sep 09, 2005 - Is George Bush still a 'protector' or has he become just a 'menace'?

Sep 07, 2005 - Barbara Bush thinks *Katrina* victims are "lucky" to be living on cots in the Astrodome. Her son says FEMA director is doing an "amazing" job. Hmmmm

Sep 06, 2005 - Dick Cheney reaps what he sows: plain talk to a bad apple

Sep 05, 2005 - Good (National Geographic magazine) synopsis of Gulf Delta flood & oil programs - past & present

Aug 18, 2005 - Bush vote fraud suppression: excellent summary, solid research, explanation of how such criminal activity could fall from media sight!

Jul 10, 2005 - Brilliant & incisive...a very short essay by the prize-winning novelist E.L.Doctorow...on our vapid President!

Jul 06, 2005 - are military recruiters *buying* your son? Article remiscent of Jonathan Swift's famous advice to the impoverished, mal-nourished Irish: EAT YOUR CHILDREN!

Jun 19, 2005 - A most treasured friend of our state, former Governor Bill Milliken, speaks out - still with his uncommon and "spinless" clarity, warning us of a State in peril

May 22, 2005 - Energy tips from a TC Common Sense Supporter



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